Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Good News/Bad News

Ok Guys I will give you the bad news first. I am giving up modding. I am going to finish my bow'n'mallow and I will paint my BBB but other than that I am done. I just don't have the time for it nor the interest. My favorite part was the thrifting, anyways. I never really cared for the modding as Drev can tell you. Even if you look back to my first post it said i would be doing a lot of paint jobs and Drev would be doing the modding. The Good News is I will still be thrifting and looking for Vintage Blasters. I am going to find the vintage blasters, and Drev and I will sell them thru his Ebay account. I am not giving up on Nerf and certainly not giving up on this blog. I will have those two posts and maybe I will post the panther mod that I did. But other than that my upcoming posts will be about vintage blasters I find. Hope you guys understand and will appreciate my "treasure hunts" thanks for your support of my mods and I hope you buy the blasters I sell on Ebay!!

p.s. sorry for the lengthy post.

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