Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New blasters!!!

I just really wanted to make this post about my predictions on the new blasters that Nerf is lining up. I am really excited about these because it seems like they will have a legitimate release. Most of Nerf's blasters have been leaked on websites before but Nerf is keeping these new one top secret. I recently read Mylastdart's article from the toy fair. At the very end of it he says, "Ps. get some new Stefans - like really, really big Stefans, and sniper scopes ready.". This makes me really excited! I am guessing when he says Stefans he is probably referring to a new Nerf gun having some bigger type of dart. I am guessing that Nerf is making some kind of elite Titan. It is just a guess but it would be awesome if it is true. He also tells us to get our sniper scopes ready. This obviously means that we are finally getting an elite sniper rifle! I hope it is in a longstrike shell because longstrikes look awesome. I could see Nerf putting a bigger plunger tube in it to make the ranges be like a sniper rifle. Well, that is it. Tell me what you think in the comments.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


1500 views is alot for a 2 month old blog. Thank you everyone and we will keep the post coming. My next project is either a panther or a Bow n' mallow. I just need some supplies.

Monday, January 14, 2013


I just made a snapbow. It doesn't look perfect but it functions very well. 
It has a pvc stock and a wooden handle unlike my snap pistol.
More info after the jump.

Finished StrikeFire

Hey Guys. On Sunday I finished my strikefire and it has a black, gold, and white paint job as promised it is not as clean as my sharpshot but I can live with it. it hits around 40-45 feet with a 3 inch barrel.

Goodwill Find

Hey guys I was @ Good will and found a completely new in box Rapid Fire AS-20 for $15. If I remember right they sell for around $45 to $50 online.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Finished Snap Pistol

This is my finished version on my Scrap Pistol. It isn't made of scraps any more so I have to change the name. It has 5.5" of a K26 spring in it and it has ranges of 70-75' flat fired from shoulder height. It has a real clothespin as the trigger now because it is nicer. There will be more info after the jump.

More pictures and info after the jump.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pinpoint Sight For Sale!

Hi guys, my Pinpoint sight from my previous post is for sale on eBay. International shipping is available but it is pretty expensive. It can be shipped anywhere though and please don't let the shipping put you off. These are very rare and the starting price is only $30.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Scrap Pistol

Hi guys, I decide that I would make a Snap pistol out of things that I had around my house. That is why
I call it the Scrap Pistol.

I used some kind of clip for it instead of a clothespin because I didn't have one and I got it to work fine. I will mechanically fasten the handle on once I get a k26 to power it. I will also be fastening the trigger on with epoxy putty to make it more sturdy. It is currently being powered by a Nitefinder spring so it doesn't really shoot. Even though it doesn't shoot because of the weak spring, it catches and everything so it will be an awesome blaster once I get a k26.

My Pinpoint Sight

Well, I have had this Pinpoint sight for a couple of years now and I have thought nothing of it.
Apparently these sell for a lot of money and people really want them. I really don't need a scope so I am willing to sell this to someone. My starting price is going to be $50. This is no joke. They usually sell for $70-$100 according to the Nerf wiki. I might also be willing to do a trade for it. It is in perfect working condition and if you want proof that it does I might make a video of it. As you can see there is something else in the background. This will be in another post.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Super Glue

Greatest Invention EVER Gel Super Glue
This is MUCH better than liquid

Stupid Cold Weather

Hey guys I just was looking at my spraypaint and saw that it wouldn't stick unless it was warmer than 65˚F and since it is 35˚F it looks like I won't be painting for a while so I figured I'd show you the project anyways. As you can see it is a strike fire.