Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sunday, August 10, 2014


I got a commission from a friend to make one of these for him, so here it is. This post won't be very long since I recently did one on an ESLT.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Apoc Recap

Wow, that was awesome. I had never made it to a war before and let me tell you, this was way better than I expected. I expected wars to be awesome, but this was just mind-blowing. Apoc definitely lived up to its hype and more. Here are the pros and cons that I posted on NerfHaven:

That summarizes a lot of what happened. Langley (Phil) did a great job of organizing the rounds. He explained everything very well and it went without a hitch. I got to play a lot of 3-15 Deathmatch, some freeze tag, a round of carpe, and a bunch of speed rounds. Sadly I had to leave early before they played ultimate core penetration which was a lot of people's favorites. I did really well in Deathmatch and only got out once. I shot a lot of people in deathmatch too which was pretty awesome. I used the same primary the whole time and so did my friend. I used my bullpup and he used my ESLT.

They both held up extremely well with no problems whatsoever. I had a great rate of fire and I seemed to be outranging a lot of people. I could stand far enough away so people wouldn't hit me and I could hit them just fine which made them mad, but they complemented my shots. I'm not sure why I was outranging people because everyone was using k26s and stuff. A lot of people were using surprisingly short barrels which might be a reason. Another reason might just be that the pink foam held up better in the rain and everything than other foams. They kept a nice tight fit in the barrels and the other foams deteriorated. Since I had to leave early and was in a rush to get out so my friend and I left darts in our barrels. Below are some darts that I accidentally brought home.

I learned some stuff from these darts:
- The other red foam did not hold up well in water
- LGLF's blue foam rocked
- Grey foam can actually be good unlike I previously thought. I guess frost kind just sucks.
- White foam is white beige foam but it is easier to find.
- My foam is the same as MHA foam and silicon domes fire out of my barrels just fine without cornstarch.
I found that I didn't need to bring as many darts as I did. I played just fine picking up darts from the field and firing them. I only had a few times when I ran out of ammo and I picked up enough to finish the round. Dartsweeps went well because the pink foam was easy to find. Speaking of darts there was a blaster that held hundreds. I'm pretty sure it is called DAT Hamp and I think it was made by PBZ. I filmed a video of it because it was so cool.

Back to the gametypes. Deathmatch was really fun and it was cool to play it with so many people. Freeze tag might have been my favorite because it is people just running around like crazy and shooting everyone. Carpe was cool because I got 3 balls in the beginning from the middle of the field, but I never got any on the other team's side. My speed round team rocked and stayed in 5 rounds or something like that without losing. Playing all these gametypes with some people who have been doing this for years was great. I'd say Shoopy probably wins MVP because he was just amazing, especially in the speed rounds. Another awesome thing that happened was the motivational speech given by Langley and Chops before Zerg Rush. Wow, it might have beaten out the speech from Independence Day.

This is a Titan that I bought from Nick. I can finally shoot my Drac rockets really far.

This is the $5 Longshot that I got from hoongfu. Meeting everyone for the first time was awesome. I finally got to meet people that I've talked to online like Kronos and Zach, LGLF, some Facebook people, and NerfHaven guys in general. Talking to people about making homemades and stuff was great. I had a nice conversation about the Bullpup design with Xellah which was cool and I talked to Aeromech about double rainbows. Overall, Apoc was just awesome and it lived up to the hype and more. Thanks to all the people who helped organize it and made it so great.

Above is a picture of me behind Xellah's crossbow and below is the group shot. I'm surprised they got everyone into the group shot.