If you commission me, I will not send you the item that I made for you until I am completely happy with it. There will be no returns on commissions because you are the one who wanted the blaster in the first place. However, if your commission doesn't work or it breaks (depending on where and how) I will pay for shipping back to myself, fix it,  and ship it back to you. All payments must be through PayPal and I will not do cash through mail. You will not only be paying for the blaster but also for shipping. I will try to make shipping as cheap as possible. All payments are due up front. I will give you an estimated date to when your blaster will be finished but it is only an estimate.

Contact - Contact me at my email if you want.
Drev McAwesome - PM me through Youtube.
I will try to check both of these every day but sometimes I might not get around to it. If that happens just wait another day. All you have to do is contact me and tell me what you want. Make sure you give detailed instructions so I don't do anything wrong. I will get back to you and tell you the price (if there isn't already a set price) and the estimated finish date.

Available Commissions

Snap pistol

Rainbow pistol
Double Rainbow
Bullpup Rainbow
Other kind of pump action Rainbow
Rainbow PAC

+bow catch

Air blasters 
Any Airtech Blaster
Any Supermaxx blaster
Buzz Bee Big Blast
Airtank in other shell

Springers (not homemades)
Big Bad bow
Tornado/Tonado X/2

Any commission can be painted in any way you want, but the paint will make it more expensive.

Rainbow catch - $4

Superlative plunger head - (No price yet decided) The plunger head used for snaps. There isn't really much to say about it.

Clothespin trigger - I can make these however you want. I can do it the way seen on my snaps or I can make a wooden pull for it. Because of the customization, there is no set price.

Polycarbonate Nitefinder Catch - $3 this would be nice to have in an overhauled Nitefinder.

Polycarbonate catch for most Nerf blasters - Price varies

Custom handles - Price varies

Rainbow handle -  $5 (They take a lot of sanding) These are perfectly rounded and very nice handles.

Rainbow trigger + handle setup - $10 This includes a rainbow handle, trigger, piece in front of the trigger, and the polycarbonate side plates for it. It comes completely assembled.

+bow replacement parts - I can make any replacement parts for a +bow

Homemade Crossbow/ Tornado internals - I can make the catch and various parts for these.

If you need some other kind of part to go with one of your blasters, I can make them. Just tell me what it is and I will try my best to make it.

Thanks for taking a look at my commissions page. If you have any questions, pleaser ask me at one of my contacts or in the comments section.


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  3. What are the prices for the snapbow, rainbow and +bow seperatly?

  4. How much would it cost for completely assembled rainbow pistle with red tube with black speckle / splater