Saturday, July 13, 2013

The One Day Pumpsnap

Behold, the one day pumpsnap. That's right. I built it in one day, well less than a day but that doesn't matter. I think you could have figured that out yourself though considering what it looks like. Before I go into a long and boring story like I usually do, I will just talk about the basics. It is a pumpsnap 3.0 with a K26 spring in it. I wasn't originally going to post this because of the looks but I really wanted to prove that I actually made one.

There is no doubt that this is the ugliest pumpsnap ever built. Just look at those slots that I didn't even try to make clean, look at those sharpie marks all over the body. Look at that horrible 2" PVC pump slide. That pump slide is made with 2" PVC because I didn't feel like buying expensive 1.5" thinwall for a one day project. I word of advice: don't cut 2" PVC with a scroll saw. The arm on the saw bumps the PVC and because the pipe is too big, one of my scroll saw blades melted into it. I just couldn't cut the pipe steadily. There's my excuse for the slide. The sharpie marks are there because I don't want to clean the body of a one day pumpsnap. The slots, well to be honest, I didn't really try on them. I could make them look nicer but I don't see the point in that. The handle looks weird but it is surprisingly confortable.
Even though it is incredibly bad looking, it performs very well. I don't have official ranges but with a hopper and slugs it gets the same ranges as my snapbow. The seal isn't 100% but it is still very good and it catches very well.

I really made this pumpsnap just to prove that I can. If you ever commission me for one, I would actually take my time on it and make it look amazing. The slide would be thinwall PVC and the slots would be a lot nicer. There's my pumpsnap!