Monday, July 21, 2014

Things to come

Hi everyone, I once again have a lack of content. My summer has been busy and I have been going a lot of places. Just so people know that I have things coming up, I am doing a small update with some other stuff.

Expect to see:
- New style ESLT
- Revamped +bow
- New version of bullpup closer to MIG's original design
The new style ESLT was actually in progress before Ryan released his new 1.5 stl files. Luckily, I had only started ordering the parts. My new ESLT should have been finished a week ago, but I ran out of printer filament and the shipment took over a week. I am now away so I can't work on it now. I decided to revamp my +bow when I realized it was lacking in terms of other +bows. I won't say everything that I am doing to it, but it will have some new things and it will look better. Both the ESLT and +bow will be finished by Apoc because I finally get to go to Apoc! I'm really excited to get to a war and meet people who make homemades like me. The ESLT will not be going with me to Apoc because it is for a friend.

I'm accepting commissions until September. If you want me to make you a homemade, part for a homemade, or 3d print you something, let me know. I am no longer modifying anything* so it is just homemades.

Other stuff
I already covered that I am going to Apoc. That should be fun. The other thing I want to say is how crazy this summer has been with homemades. With the homemades contest, there has been a plethora of writeups ranging from snaps to complicated rainbow designs. If you want to build a homemade, now is the time to build one. I went into building homemades with the main writeups being the original +bow, snapbow, pumpsnap, and Ryan's rainbowpump. Now there are so many different variations of these and so many writeups that coming into the world of homemades that you would have to spend far less time with trial and error and the like. If only I started a year later... Anyways, that's all I have for now.

*With the exception of my Crossbow and possibly a LS.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Just going to leave this here...

I will have real posts coming soon-ish. You can probably expect another ESLT and maybe even the Crossbow!

Monday, June 30, 2014


Well, I guess it is just an LT since it has latex tubing and not an extension spring. Anyways, this is my ESLT.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Lo siento

Hi everyone, sorry (lo siento) for not being here for a while. I went on an 11 day trip to Costa Rica so I couldn't work on anything including my ESLT. Lo siento is sorry in Spanish for those of you who don't speak it (I was speaking a lot of spanish in Costa Rica). Anyways, I'm back and you should see the ESLT in a few days. Sorry to keep you waiting so long.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Quick Sale and Update

Hi everyone, I know I have had these things up for sale, but I decided to post them again with lowered prices.
First up is this double rainbow. It works very well and gets standard homemade ranges. I would keep it if I didn't have my bullpup and rainbowpump (I have too many homemades). I'm selling this for $50 shipped, but that means you will have to assemble some parts. It is basically just screwing the pipes together and it takes almost no skill to do that. I have an instructional video on how to put it together too. If you want the full blaster with no assembly required, it will cost $60 shipped. I can also include a hopper with a barrel and everything for $10 extra.

Next up is my snapbow. This was the second snapbow that I made and it works very well. The seal needs to improvement, but that would be very easy. I'm selling it for $30 shipped with the stock detached. It doesn't come with the hopper like in the picture, but you can add a hopper to the order for $10.

Now that school is over, I will be able to work on projects again. I plan on making an ESLT first, maybe another version of my bullpup, and of course I will modify my crossbow. My biggest hope for the Summer is to build a homemade clip fed blaster. This will be of my own design and it might incorporate some aspects of other homemades that I have made. Hopefully I will also be able to design some 3d printed parts for it to make it really cool. Oh yeah, I'm probably going to Apocalypse too.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

What is this?

I was scrolling through the NMW page and I found this.

I know it isn't based off of my writeup because that was just released very recently, but I think this was based off of my first version. I mean look at this thing. It has the 1.25" plunger tube with a 1" priming tube. I did post my first version 6-7 months ago and I posted the video on it 6 months ago. Both of these things were very in depth and they explained the mechanism in detail. I feel like this guy must have based it off of my design. I just got really excited when I saw this because I've wanted someone to build my simplified version of MIG's design for so long. What do you think about this? Do you think the guy designed this all by himself or do you think he saw my video and post and based it off of that?

I talked to the guy who made this and he said he hadn't seen my design. I think it's pretty cool that we both thought of the same concept even though mine was half a year ago. I like how people are starting to branch out on homemades and they are making more unique ones.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

3d Printed Barrel Holder

Here's a quick post. As you know, I got a 3d printer. So far I have just been printing things that other people have designed. After making the writeup for my bullpup, I realized that it really needed a barrel holder. I took it upon myself to design a barrel holder for it. 

I'm not very good with 3d design software, so I decided to start off with something simple like this. I think it turned out very well and it improves the blaster by a lot. The barrel is now very stable and I can now shoot more accurately. Not only that, but I don't have to constantly adjust the barrel. I just have it friction fitted on right now and it works perfectly.

I printed it at 300 micron resolution with 10% infill. Because of the low resolution, I had to sand the inside a little bit. After minimal sanding I got it to fit. For my first 3d designed part, I am very happy with how it turned out.