Friday, March 22, 2013

Snapbow 2

Hi guys, today I have another snapbow. I decided to make myself a snapbow because I am going to refurbish and sell my other one to someone. This time, I decided to try to build it a bit differently and the pictures show how it worked out.

This time, I added a different handle and attached it differently. I also used a dowel rod for the stock and a cpvc tee to pull back on. This blaster is not finished yet though. It needs many more coats of paint on the red and black on the tee and barrel. The barrel may be wrapped in electrical tape though and the wood handle will also be stained.

Overall, I really like this snapbow and everything new that I tried on it. Also, decided to post this as an unfinished project because I will not be able to work on nerf for a week or so. Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

White Lithium grease

Hi guys, this one is going to be a quick post. I just wanted to tell you about white lithium grease. I got some today because I couldn't find any silicon grease, but let me tell you that this is way better. It makes  a blaster's plunger head move so fast and it actually makes a huge difference over silicone grease. White lithium grease is also completely safe to use in your blasters too. The last good part about it is that I got a 227G tube of it for $3. On some websites, a 10G tube of silicon grease is $2.50! Don't buy silicone grease, buy white lithium grease.

Monday, March 11, 2013

New page

This is just a little post to tell you that I have a new page up called Trades and Sales. I don't really have anything on there but I am just telling you for future reference. Go to the page for more details. I also want to say that I NEED A PANTHER! If anyone can get a panther for me, that would be great. I am willing to trade or pay for one. Payments will be through paypal and we can organize a trade ourselves.   Please comment below if you have an online store link to a panther, a panther for sale, or a panther for trade.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Stampede Thing (It needs a name)

Hi guys, today I have my favorite mod that I have ever done. It is Buzz Bee Big Blast and Hornet tanks in a Stampede shell. I will give all of the details after the jump.