Tuesday, February 19, 2013

First Find/Need Help!!

Ok so I found this White/Orange Super Soaker Max-D 5000 @ goodwill yesterday and I looked it up and the more common orange and green ones sell for over $30 (correct me if I am wrong). Ok so when I was looking it up I found that this was not an actual color scheme used in the Max-D first release or any of its rereleases. I need your guys help to find out if this thing is 1. incredibly rare, 2. how much it is worth?, and 3. who will buy it? I have not found any sources talking about a white/orange one nor have I found any pictures. If you could post the images on your blogs to see if you can find out the answers to my 3 questions, that would be great. Thanks everyone.
Label: it says Larami 2001 and Hasbro 2002
It has a U.S. patent number of: No. 6,631,830 
It was made in China
(I covered it in pencil so you could read it, it erased all fine with no marks)

Side view of blaster
(it only has one sticker on this side and no signs of stickers on the tank)


  1. It looks red but it is defiantly orange and white
    But the pump and fake tubes are