Saturday, February 23, 2013

AT3K Overhaul

Today I will be showing you my AT3K overhaul. It took me a while to do this because I needed all of the parts and some things broke but here it is!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

First Find/Need Help!!

Ok so I found this White/Orange Super Soaker Max-D 5000 @ goodwill yesterday and I looked it up and the more common orange and green ones sell for over $30 (correct me if I am wrong). Ok so when I was looking it up I found that this was not an actual color scheme used in the Max-D first release or any of its rereleases. I need your guys help to find out if this thing is 1. incredibly rare, 2. how much it is worth?, and 3. who will buy it? I have not found any sources talking about a white/orange one nor have I found any pictures. If you could post the images on your blogs to see if you can find out the answers to my 3 questions, that would be great. Thanks everyone.
Label: it says Larami 2001 and Hasbro 2002
It has a U.S. patent number of: No. 6,631,830 
It was made in China
(I covered it in pencil so you could read it, it erased all fine with no marks)

Side view of blaster
(it only has one sticker on this side and no signs of stickers on the tank)

Good News/Bad News

Ok Guys I will give you the bad news first. I am giving up modding. I am going to finish my bow'n'mallow and I will paint my BBB but other than that I am done. I just don't have the time for it nor the interest. My favorite part was the thrifting, anyways. I never really cared for the modding as Drev can tell you. Even if you look back to my first post it said i would be doing a lot of paint jobs and Drev would be doing the modding. The Good News is I will still be thrifting and looking for Vintage Blasters. I am going to find the vintage blasters, and Drev and I will sell them thru his Ebay account. I am not giving up on Nerf and certainly not giving up on this blog. I will have those two posts and maybe I will post the panther mod that I did. But other than that my upcoming posts will be about vintage blasters I find. Hope you guys understand and will appreciate my "treasure hunts" thanks for your support of my mods and I hope you buy the blasters I sell on Ebay!!

p.s. sorry for the lengthy post.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Another Snap Pistol

Here I have yet another snap pistol. I made this one for a friend and he is trading me a blaster for it.

I used a cpvc tee instead of a keyring for this one. The reason for the weird sharpie marks is because I already had some sharpie marks on there from measuring. I know some people might not like it but I know my friend will. I have not tested the ranges yet but I am guessing that they are better than my other snap pistols. This is because it has completely perfect seal and because the K26 is longer. I am really excited to give this to him.

Monday, February 11, 2013


I used a lot of exclamation points because 2000 views is a big thing. Thank you so much to all of our viewers. 2000 views is an awesome amount for a blog that started in November. Thank you.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Can Anyone Identify This Blaster?

It is a 2005 Airzone/Buzzbee thing I found for $1 at Goodwill. It has a tough spring but the priming mech was broken so it is worthless except for the spring and the shell. the spring is tougher than a NF spring.


This is a BBB i found for $4 when I was out thrifting. I did the simple mods by taking out the air restrictor and shoving cpvc into it. I also added a NF spring. It has a near perfect seal by taking over 30 sec to let the air out.

2 AT2Ks!!!!!!!

At goodwill the other day I found these two At2ks in almost flawless shape with the liquitron gauges and everything. Guess how much they were.......... $2 each!!!!! I think they are a complete set and I love vintage blasters so I might mod them but I will probably keep them stock

Snap Pistol

 With breech
Hey Guys second post today is a Snap pistol Drev made for me for the hornet internals. It has a custom wood handle that I made and it has all the custom internals Drev made for his. This was well worth the trade. 

Custom cpvc breech

Ok so the first post is my custom cpvc breech I made for a project Drev made me. Lets just say I traded a hornet for it. But back to the breech. It is about 8"-9" long and made of 1/2" pvc and cpvc that I sanded down. I used a motorized hand sander and then made a dart stop for it.

Busy Week!

Hey Guys,
I have been busy lately and this has been a great week for modding and not posting. So i will have several posts today describing what i have done over the past week.

Shotgun Grip Raider

Hi guys, today I have a shotgun grip raider. This was inspired by Darthrambo's post on Nerf Mods and Reviews from a few months ago. For those of you who don't know, this is made from a Buzz Bee Double Shot. Mine is not of the same quality because it is hot glued on but it is still very stable and very nice. I will be spray painting it once it warms up outside. This is a great mod to do and I recommend that you do it.
Update: That my posts have been sparse recently. This is because I had foot surgery and I have just started up modding in the past week or two. I actually have a lot to post but I haven't gotten around to it. My AT3K is having some problems with the hornet pump I put on it but other than that it is going well.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

New Fly Nerf Video Intro!

Hi, here is my new Fly Nerf intro for any videos that I will be posting on here.

Friday, February 1, 2013


First off, I want to say sorry for my lack of posts. As some of you may know, I got foot surgery and I couldn't do any nerf projects. That aside these are my Air Tech 3000's or AT3K's like in the title.
They both function perfectly and I plan on modifying one of them. If you can't see because of the bad lighting, one is silver and one is blue. I will probably be modifying the blue one. Stay tuned for an AT3K mod!