Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What is this?

Hi everyone, I think it's been January since I last posted. While some of you might have been thinking I quit, I actually haven't. My life has just been busy, especially over the summer, and I just haven't that much to document. I've made a few more homemades, but not as many as last year. As to why I stopped posting, I don't exactly know why. I think it is mainly because the Nerf-related blogs seems to be irrelevant these days. Facebook has taken over, and people post their work between Facebook and NerfHaven. The blog format just isn't as popular as it was 1-2 years ago, and most of the people who used to have blogs no longer post on them either. I actually think that I may be the only one left out of iModify, BBV, T da B, Thailyer, soloz, and others. Those guys are the ones who really got me into this hobby, and it sucks to know they're done with it.

For me, I fully intend to stay in this hobby as long as possible. I've been selling almost all of my stock blasters, but I love homemades and NIC wars. I went to Plains in March, and I went to a Philly war this summer. Wars are great, and I have made a lot of new friends by going to them. I have, however, slowed down in making homemade blasters. I've pretty much plateaued in what I can make, so now I have to be one of the innovators. This year I want to learn CAD software, which will help me 3D print parts for new, awesome blasters. I think I will still be making things at a pretty slow rate though. I've got more things going on in life, and I have some other hobbies that I've been doing. I still have no intention of quitting this hobby, but if I ever do, I will make sure to post it here.

As for the blog, I don't think it will be very active anymore. I don't make as many things, and there just aren't many people who read it these days to put in the effort of posting. For those of you who still want to see what I'm doing, I am fairly active on NerfHaven under the name Drev, and I am also on most of the facebook groups. I might even post on my youtube channel every now and then with nerf and non-nerf things. I am still doing commissions, so if anyone wants a homemade, then just email me. Other than that, we'll see what happens with this blog. Maybe I'll post what I've neglected to post for months.  Well, that's all, I have. Hopefully I managed to organize my ramblings into some coherent paragraphs, and thanks for reading!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Homemade Air Blaster

Well, as you might be able to tell, I was not able to post over my break like I said I would. I did have time, but I had other things to do and I honestly didn't feel like writing a post. I was on break and I wanted to do nothing productive. Now that it is my last day of break and I need an excuse not to do my school work, I'm deciding to post this.

This is my homemade air blaster that it made from not all homemade parts.