Monday, January 14, 2013


I just made a snapbow. It doesn't look perfect but it functions very well. 
It has a pvc stock and a wooden handle unlike my snap pistol.
More info after the jump.
My snapbow has a k26 spring in it like most snapbows so it is getting ranges of about 120' flat. The ranges aren't officially measured but that is what I am estimating those ranges from landmarks in my yard. The stock looks like it is attached with duct tape but it is attached with screws. I just put the duct tape there to make it look clean.
The trigger is duct taped and epoxy puttied on so it is very stable. I made the handle out of oak wood so it was pretty hard to cut. I like the looks of it though so I am keeping it the way it is. All I need to do to the handle is sand it down a bit more so it is very comfy.
That is just another view of it. The stock it attached on a slight angles but you can't really notice it while holding the blaster. It also has a very good seal and takes about 20 seconds to have all of the air get out. I am very happy with this blaster and it is next to my aabow for my favorite homemade.


  1. I noticed that the stock isn't flat with that blaster. So when holding the blaster "flat" it's really angled.

    1. No, I made sure that is was "flat" the stock is angled upwards but that doesn't make the actual plunger be angled upwards when holding it. I will film a range test if you want to see it. I haven't range tested with slugs yet so if you were thinking the ranges were with slugs and a hopper they weren't. It was with a singled 12" barrel and with elite and streamline darts. I just thought that you should know that i'm not lying about the ranges. :)

  2. you called it a snapnow in the title you might want to change that