Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New blasters!!!

I just really wanted to make this post about my predictions on the new blasters that Nerf is lining up. I am really excited about these because it seems like they will have a legitimate release. Most of Nerf's blasters have been leaked on websites before but Nerf is keeping these new one top secret. I recently read Mylastdart's article from the toy fair. At the very end of it he says, "Ps. get some new Stefans - like really, really big Stefans, and sniper scopes ready.". This makes me really excited! I am guessing when he says Stefans he is probably referring to a new Nerf gun having some bigger type of dart. I am guessing that Nerf is making some kind of elite Titan. It is just a guess but it would be awesome if it is true. He also tells us to get our sniper scopes ready. This obviously means that we are finally getting an elite sniper rifle! I hope it is in a longstrike shell because longstrikes look awesome. I could see Nerf putting a bigger plunger tube in it to make the ranges be like a sniper rifle. Well, that is it. Tell me what you think in the comments.

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