Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Pinpoint Sight

Well, I have had this Pinpoint sight for a couple of years now and I have thought nothing of it.
Apparently these sell for a lot of money and people really want them. I really don't need a scope so I am willing to sell this to someone. My starting price is going to be $50. This is no joke. They usually sell for $70-$100 according to the Nerf wiki. I might also be willing to do a trade for it. It is in perfect working condition and if you want proof that it does I might make a video of it. As you can see there is something else in the background. This will be in another post.


  1. So you actually do have one. Nice!

  2. $50 is pretty cheap! what are the ebay details if you ship to UK?

    1. I will be working those details out very soon. I am willing to ship to the UK if that is what you wanted to know. I will let you know as soon as I set it up.