Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Finished Snap Pistol

This is my finished version on my Scrap Pistol. It isn't made of scraps any more so I have to change the name. It has 5.5" of a K26 spring in it and it has ranges of 70-75' flat fired from shoulder height. It has a real clothespin as the trigger now because it is nicer. There will be more info after the jump.

More pictures and info after the jump.
I used the keyring because I thought it looked cool. I also used hex bushings because they are easier to remove. There are two back bushings because I couldn't find a second 1"-1/2". It has a pvc handle because I don't have the tools to make a nice wooden one. I really like this blaster and it is really awesome. Here are two more pictures:
I hope you like it!

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