Monday, February 10, 2014

iMod's +bow

Here is my second (and favorite) +bow that I have ever made.

The title says it all, this is iModify's +bow that I made for him. It is very nice and I like it a lot better than my +bow.
- Tinted polycarb!
- Black nylon rod
- 3/16" sideplates, handle plates, and stock plate
- 1/4" everything else
- 6.5" of draw
- K25 spring with 1/2" spacer
- Comfy handle
- Super smooth use
- Single sideplates

I enjoyed making this +bow because I got to tweak some things that I didn't like about my +bow. For instance, I secured the bushing differently to give it a better seal and I made single sideplates. Single sideplates are much nicer because it makes the blaster feel more stable, looks better, and adds the option to make it into a pumpbow.

The changes I made were very nice, but they did present some challenges. Using 3/16" polycarb for the handle plate things made it hard to fit the handle on the blaster. I actually had to remake two pieces to be wider in order to make the handle fit. The single sideplates also didn't help with fitting on the handle because they have to bend slightly at the bushing. Even though there were some difficulties, they made the +bow much better in the end.

The look of this blaster is just awesome. The tinted polycarb and the black nylon rods look so much cooler than the clear and white color scheme on mine. It also has the single sideplates and much straighter cuts going for it. Like I said in my first +bow post, +bows are amazing and they look amazing too. The seal is not perfect because I can't figure out how to do it on a +bow, but it is still very good. You might be wondering why I only have it at 6.5" of draw. This is because I find 7" of draw on pullbacks sometimes gets annoying and because 7" of draw is uncomfortable on a +bow. You are basically bringing the pull to the stock and it just isn't a good experience. The prime is so smooth and it just feels good to use this blaster. It gets great ranges (better than my +bow) and that would be due to the more draw and a better seal. I wish I could keep this +bow, but I can't. Enjoy the +bow iMod!

I know I keep saying I am going to post the rainbowpump and I will hopefully get around to it soon. I just keep forgetting about posting it.

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  1. One of the best looking +bows i've ever seen! BE JELLY EVERYONE :D