Saturday, February 22, 2014


Here is it, the thing that I have neglected to post for a very long time *drumroll please* my rainbowpump!

Let me start off by saying the rainbowpumps are awesome. They are so smooth and just work really well. Granted, I haven't made a quality pumpsnap that would be just as smooth, but I like rainbows better anyways.
- 7" of draw
- K25 spring
- Skirt seal
- Wooden foregrip
- Square plunger rod

I decided that I wanted a rainbowpump before Quertyman made his writeup on NerfHaven. I had already bought the supplies and I was planning on using pumpsnap measurements for it. Luckily, Quertyman released his writeup for one and I used his measurements. If you are thinking about making a rainbowpump, I definitely recommend looking at his writeup here. I did not need to do everything the writeup said because I have already made homemades before, but he did have some really good tips in it (hopefully that didn't come off as being arrogant).

This was one of the best experiences that I have had with making homemades. I finally got all of the right tools for it including a countersink bit and a good dremel cutting disc. This made it so much easier to mount the bushing and catch and to cut out the slots. The slots turned out very nicely and they are probably the best ones that I have made yet. You might have noticed that there are two holes in the trigger/handle sideplates. This is so I can move the trigger depending on how I want it. I can have it be farther away and not move very far forward or I can have it be close and have a short trigger pull. I like having it in the farther hole, but my brother said he likes it better in the close hole. I decided that I wanted a foregrip on this after I discovered that priming the blaster without one is hard to do. I completely forgot that NoM's foregrip design was the same measurements as a Maverick slide so I just made mine by guessing the measurements. It was a stupid move, but it still turned out well. I made it by glueing two pieces of 3/4" wood together and then sanding it down. Sanding things down is so much easier now that I have a belt sander.

This is the most smooth blaster that I have ever used. The combination of the rainbow catch and the smooth and clear plastic tubes just makes it very fun to use. I can empty an 8 dart hopper in record time with this thing. I used a K25 in this one just like in the most recent +bow because I am having problems with K26s scratching the plunger rod. I don't see any changes in range using a K25 so that is good and the ranges are standard primary ranges. The seal is also very good due to the skirt seal. This rainbowpump looks just as good as +bows in my opinion. The clear PVC and polyester look super awesome with the wood and two pieces of opaque PVC. The only bad part about this blaster is that the trigger has an extra hole in it. That was my mistake and it doesn't bother me. I really like this rainbowpump and it is my new go to pump-action primary.

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