Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Rainbow PAC

Here is my Rainbow PAC. Just incase you don't know, PAC stands for Pump Action Crossbow. I originally didn't plan to make this blaster, but I have been waiting for my 2-11 parts to ship and iMod made a snap version. I figured that this would be a quick and fun project considering I had most of the parts.

You probably saw that one of the slots isn't very good. It is the same on the other side, and they are so horrible (better than my pumpsnap's) because I messed up while cutting them with my scroll saw. Luckily, with this design the cleanliness of slots doesn't matter.

As I said before, I had most of the parts t build it. The bow arms and front tee are from my broken AAbow and I just had a rainbow catch laying around. Because of this, it was a pretty quick build. Putting a rainbow catch in PVC also isn't that much harder than putting it in clear PVC, which saved me money. For the priming piece, I used 2" PVC because it works very well on this. It also has an extremely smooth, quiet, and easy prime making it have a super high ROF.

The ranges were about 80' flat with and 8 dart hopper and slugs. That is pretty good considering I only have it at about 5" of draw and the arms aren't tensioned very much. The arms do look tensioned though because they wiggle in the PVC. Increasing the draw will be as easy as adding another catch notch.

There's the size of it compared to my +bow, showing the huge size of the bow arms. The size of this is really the only down side. Other than that, it has a super high ROF and great ranges for 5" of draw.

Update: My tapping bit broke so I have to find or order one to continue making my 2-11.


  1. Not bad! Also, I had an idea for Rainbow catches. What if someone made a smaller OD catch and made it fit in a 3/4" endcap, then it would really easy to mount because you just have to hit the end cap!

    1. That end cap idea could actually work. I would be harder to cut out the internal squares in smaller pieces though. Other than that, that is a really good idea.

    2. I mean... Get a normal rainbow catch, slide it in the end cap, counter sync and screw it to the end cap, slide in the endcap, screw for the top, done

    3. I don't think a normal rainbow catch would fit in an endcap, but I just realized that you could make a normal one and sand it down until it fits.