Monday, August 19, 2013


Today I have a 2-11. The 2-11 is known as the successor to the +bow, but it is not nearly as popular. You may wonder why it isn't as popular as the +bow especially because it is less expensive to make. Throughout this post, I will tell you some reasons why it isn't as popular.

The 2-11 features 4.25" of draw (Captain Slug says it's 4.5 even though it isn't), an optional pump action grip, an omni-directional catch, and less polycarb to cut that the +bow. Even though the draw is shorter than a +bow's, it has more air volume due to its 2" plunger tube. These features make the 2-11 seem like a perfect blaster, but there are flaws. The first flaw is that it doesn't look as nice as a +bow. This is probably because there are no side plates. The next flaw is actually how hard it is to prime. Because of the 4.5" draw length, you would think it is easier to prime than a +bow. It is actually harder to prime. I think this is because you get no momentum before compressing the spring to nearly full compression. This also means that the pump action is pretty hard to use, even though I found a way to use the pump action. 

The 2-11 doesn't look very stable. I thought this before I built it, but I was surprised when it turned out to be very stable. It doesn't feel like it will ever fall apart. However, it the write up captain slug uses 3/8" screws for most parts. These screws are too short for anything though. After going through 1/4" polycarb, there is only 1/8" of thread left to attach parts together. If you used 3/8" screws for attaching all of the parts, the blaster would not be stable. If you want to build one of these I highly recommend using 1/2" screws because they work very well.

The 2-11 looks very nice even though it doesn't look as nice as the +bow. I have been bashing it the whole time even though it is a very nice blaster. I think the main problem with the blaster is the write up. I had to change a lot of things from the write up because the write up has problems. 
Here is a list of the problems and their solutions:
- 3/8" screws are too short, use 1/2"
- 1 1/4" screw is too short, use  1 1/2"
- Don't use the rubber washer seal! I still have that seal and it creates a vacuum when you use a hopper. It also has a lot of friction when pulling back the plunger. Instead, use a skirt seal. I will put up the part # when I find it.
- There are many useless holes that the templates have you drill. I might edit the templates to get ris of the holes.
I actually really like the 2-11. I have tested the ranges singled and it gets +bow ranges. The pump action priming is hard but you can use two hands or get used to it. I can't currently use a hopper because of the vacuum problem, but once I switch to a skirt seal it will be great. The 2-11 is also pretty cheap compared to the +bow. If you want, you can opt to use 2" PVC instead of 2" polycarb which cuts the price a lot. You can also buy screws in the amount you need instead of buying 100 of each from McMaster. Overall, the 2-11 is a cheaper solution to the +bow and the only reason it isn't as popular is because the write up has flaws.

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