Monday, August 12, 2013


The Longstrike is a blaster that doesn't deserve it's own shell. The shell makes it look like a sniper rifle even though it is the opposite of that. How can you "snipe" someone with ranges of 20' flat? You can't. I wanted my Longstrike to live up to it's full potential.

At first, I considered making rainbow internals for this. At that point in time, I didn't have any experience with rainbows so that would have been a big challenge. I then wanted to let is still accept clips and use a 3K tank. I decided to go along with BBV's design to use an air tank. Let me tell you, it is a great design until you come to the trigger system. I didn't really want to mess around with the trigger so I went with a different design.

I saw this Longstrike 3K design on Nerf Revolution and it is really awesome. It uses an RSCB system inside of it giving it a large ammo capacity.  Instead of using a tee in the RSCB, it uses a wye because it fits in the shell very well. I decided to replicate it because I had the materials and it seemed fun.

It was a very fun mod and it turned out very well. Here is the list of mods and features:
- Pump from broken 2K
- Air tank positioned below the "N" in the Nerf logo
- Minimal tubing
- 11 dart RSCB
- End cap coupler thing with a screw in it for easy removal
- 9" barrel
I went with a 9" barrel because it seemed like the ideal length. It gives off ranges of about 95' flat for the first half of the darts and about 85' for the rest. This is using 1.25" slugs at 8-10 pumps.

As you can see, you can remove the fake barrel and it exposes the real one. I was never one to think that scopes on a Nerf gun actually work but a Longshot scope on this was incredibly accurate. Of course, you can just aim with the scope. You have to line it up with the barrel for it to be accurate, but it let me hit a cup from 30' away! This mod made the Longstrike live up to it's shell and it works very well.


  1. Nice! Making the Longstrike what it was always meant to be.

    1. Thanks! I hope to see your Longstrike soon.