Tuesday, June 11, 2013

PETG Breech Tutorial

PVC and CPVC breeches can be hard to make because of sanding, the seal, and just making it work. They take a long time to make because of that sanding too. Here is a tutorial for a simple breech using PETG and PVC. My breech was rushed because I didn't have much time to make it but yours can be much nicer than mine.

Here are the things you will need to make it:

These materials consist of electrical tape, PVC, PETG, an AT2K Goo Gauge, and you will need some type of adhesive. Hot glue or goop will work fine. Instead of the Goo Gauge you could use a wide straw, thinner PETG, brass, or any kind of tube that has a very loose fit in PVC.
Here is the part of the goo gauge that I cut off. This is the part that you will need.

I am making a 12" breech but you can make yours any size that you want. You will just have to change the proportions of yours. Here I measured 12" of PETG and drew a line to cut it.

Next, place your goo gauge tube halfway into the PETG. Line up your PETG with the PVC and cut it to the length of where the goo gauge tube is sticking out.

After cutting the PVC, measure about 2.5" and cut it there.

Now wrap the PETG with electrical tape so that it will line up with the small section of PETG. Push the PETG with the tape into the PVC section and make sure it has a very snug fit.

You can then glue the PVC over the PETG with hot glue or goop. The next step is to wrap some electrical tape around half of the goo gauge tube. Test fit this in the PETG and make sure it has a snug fit but it can still be easily pulled out. This step is actually very important because it will determine the seal of you breech. Remember, make it snug but also so you can pull it out.

The Goo Gauge tube with electrical tape is pushed into the PETG in this picture.

Now you will wrap the other half of the goo gauge tube with more electrical tape. You don't want this tape to interfere with your previous taping job. Keep wrapping the tape until this end has a very snug fit in the PVC.

Shove and glue the above piece into the PVC so that the end with the smaller diameter goes in first. DO NOT PUT GLUE ON THE SMALLER END!

There it is glued in.

Draw the lines for the slot in the PVC. Make sure it is large enough to fit your darts. I messed up on my slot drawing so that is why there is an extra line.

Cut the slot with your Dremel or saw (I don't suggest a saw) and sand it down (unlike me). It should look like this:

Now all you have to do is put the first piece of the breech (the one with the PETG) into that piece and your breech is complete!

There's my finished product. The two PVC parts don't have to touch each other but it will look nicer if they do (mine don't touch because I didn't glue the PETG in far enough). You could make a breech tab and notch like Popatchi did here but it isn't necessary unless your barrel shoots out. This PETG breech is ideal for air blasters but it still works very well in springers.

The breech in my Snapbow.

I hope you like this breech and decide to make one! 

This is my last post for two weeks.

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