Wednesday, June 5, 2013

AT2K Overhaul

Well, I guess I did get around to my AT2K overhaul. When I got this in the mail, the pump was acting weird so I opened it up. Let's just say, that is where fun started.

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Before I get into my story of this blaster, here are the mods.
- PETG barrel replaced
- Pump handle replaced
- Turret seal improved
- Rear loading
- Tubing replaced
- Air tank spring hot glued
- Increased airflow
- New pump stop method
- Plugged pump

Those are all pretty standard mods for an AT2K except they were harder than they are for most people. When opening a 2K, you have to get rid of a little nub that is over the nub that holds the pump on. People can usually place the blaster in boiling water, pry it, or saw it to get the nub off but none of those worked for me. Why? Because it was completely glued on. I had to saw the whole pump-holding-thingy off. 

I then decided I wanted to mod my 2K. I then started on the turret and use boiling water to remove the stock barrels. IT DIDN'T WORK! Most modders say that you dip it for 20 seconds in the boiling water and they should come off. It that doesn't work, put the turret in for longer and then use a knife to remove the glue. Too bad after putting the turret in the water for 2 minutes NOTHING HAPPENED. I then used a knife but the barrels were all glued together and they were almost welded into the barrel ports(I guess if that is the correct term). I eventually spent a lot of time dremeling the crap out of the turret and shoved some PETG in it. I finished the mod but it made it considerably difficult.

Now I know most of you didn't read the above paragraph because it is too long and you don't care. To summarize, everything on my 2K was glued together and I had to get the things apart. I realized I didn't have a barrel spacer for my barrels so I had to improvise. I found a dowel rod that could space the barrels apart and taped the PETG to it. It works, not as well as a barrel spacer, but it works.
The last thing I did was the pump handle. I wanted to do something creative with it. I decided to make it a dart holder. The pvc easily twists off and can hold 3 extra darts which is pretty cool.  The only bad part is I have a huge pump handle on my 2k.
This 2k mod actually turned out pretty well and at 5 pumps it is hitting 90+. You can also see my pump stop in the above picture. I drilled small holes and put two nerf screws into the pump shaft. It works pretty well.

Update: Unless I do a quick project over the weekend, there won't be anything new from me for 2-3 weeks. I might get Aukman to actually post something but that is doubtful. Keep checking this blog but just know that there probably won't be much on it.

Let me know what you think in the comments! Also, has anyone else had trouble with their AT2K being glued together all over?


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  2. Nice mod! I hate getting those things open. I've had the best luck with boiling water and using a screwdriver to pry. If that doesn't work, screwdriver and hammer!