Tuesday, December 11, 2012


This is just an update for the coming month or two. I wont be able to do as many mods or make many posts coming up because I have a lot of papers and projects due before winter break. Also, my nitemav is almost finished but I wont be getting epoxy putty until after Christmas. I might post an update picture on it but I don't want to finish it until I get the putty. Hot glue just doesn't work well when it comes to stuff like that. I am also running very low on supplies and I wont be getting any more until after Christmas. After my break is over I will go back to school and will have one week before finals and midterms. I will have about a one week window where I will probably have a lot of posts, but other than that this blog might be pretty slow for a while. I am very sorry for all of the boring posts recently but I have nothing else to post.

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