Monday, December 31, 2012

Epoxy Putty

        Hi guys, sorry for the third wordy post in a row. You are probably wondering what happened to my nitemav. I have had all of the parts completely ready for the nitemav for about a month now. The only reason why it isn't finished yet is because I dont have epoxy putty. I went to Lowes expecting to buy some epoxy putty but they didn't have any. That made me disappointed because I thought that I would finally have a nitemav. It will be finished the day I get some epoxy putty though.
        Well, you probably stopped reading this post by now. If you haven't, thank you. If I get some epoxy putty I will also be making some sort of snap. This snap will probably be a snap pistol or snap bow. I have all of the parts for either of these except the putty (the ramp). Well, I guess that is it for the worlds most boring post. I should be getting some kind of mods up soon.



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