Sunday, December 23, 2012

[UPDATE] Almost Finished Max D 2000

Hi guys, this is definitely my favorite mod yet. As you know, I modified my Super Soaker to shoot
Nerf darts. I replaced the pump with a ball pump so It takes a lot less pumps. I replaced the original pump handle with CPVC and I had to alter the shell a bit because of that. I am mainly using CPVC barrels now instead of PVC.
I used Duct Tape on it so I can still take it apart if I want to.
Here is a front view.
Here it is with a speed loader. I also tried it with an RSCB clip and it works very well. With this speedloader I got 130 feet flat with a streamline. This is no lie. Eight pumps got 130'! I am very happy about this mod and it was definitely the most difficult one I have done. I hope you like it. Unfortunately, I was not able to replicate those ranges with a streamline again. I could hit that range almost every time with an elite dart though. I used a longer barrel and it works much better too.  


  1. You might want to try a 7-9 inch barrel. And I want to see a firing test :D

  2. Thanks. I just need some more CPVC to make that barrel.

  3. I might try this. I hope it get's the claim ranges though.

    1. The ranges of the streamline couldn't be replicated but I still got 90-100' each time.

  4. The ranges are insane if you pull the trigger fast