Monday, July 21, 2014

Things to come

Hi everyone, I once again have a lack of content. My summer has been busy and I have been going a lot of places. Just so people know that I have things coming up, I am doing a small update with some other stuff.

Expect to see:
- New style ESLT
- Revamped +bow
- New version of bullpup closer to MIG's original design
The new style ESLT was actually in progress before Ryan released his new 1.5 stl files. Luckily, I had only started ordering the parts. My new ESLT should have been finished a week ago, but I ran out of printer filament and the shipment took over a week. I am now away so I can't work on it now. I decided to revamp my +bow when I realized it was lacking in terms of other +bows. I won't say everything that I am doing to it, but it will have some new things and it will look better. Both the ESLT and +bow will be finished by Apoc because I finally get to go to Apoc! I'm really excited to get to a war and meet people who make homemades like me. The ESLT will not be going with me to Apoc because it is for a friend.

I'm accepting commissions until September. If you want me to make you a homemade, part for a homemade, or 3d print you something, let me know. I am no longer modifying anything* so it is just homemades.

Other stuff
I already covered that I am going to Apoc. That should be fun. The other thing I want to say is how crazy this summer has been with homemades. With the homemades contest, there has been a plethora of writeups ranging from snaps to complicated rainbow designs. If you want to build a homemade, now is the time to build one. I went into building homemades with the main writeups being the original +bow, snapbow, pumpsnap, and Ryan's rainbowpump. Now there are so many different variations of these and so many writeups that coming into the world of homemades that you would have to spend far less time with trial and error and the like. If only I started a year later... Anyways, that's all I have for now.

*With the exception of my Crossbow and possibly a LS.

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