Thursday, July 31, 2014

+bow Upgrade

Hi everyone, here is my +bow again. It is basically a brand new +bow so there is a lot to go over. 

- Ported piston plunger head courtesy of T da B, Ryan, and Kane.
- Thumbhole stock
- Wooden stock plate
- Modified handle
- No trigger guard 
- Face guard

I decided to go with the ported piston plunger head because I used it in my ESLT and it did wonders. It was giving me better ranges than a u-cup and skirt seal even though the ESLT didn't have a good seal. My +bow's seal kind of sucks so I experimented with this and it increased my range. I honestly think this is because there is less friction. The o-ring is free to move around and it slides through the plunger tube with ease. I will probably be using this on the rest of my homemades from now on. Thanks to T da B for inventing the homemade version of this. Also, thanks to Ryan/Kane for making the 3d printable version.

To make the +bow nicer, I also sanded the sideplates to be more straight. This +bow was the first thing that I cut out with my scrollsaw so the cuts were mediocre. I also removed the trigger guard completely because it is useless and it just annoyed me for some reason. 

I made the thumbhole stock because it looks awesome. It also adds stability to the blaster and makes it feel very solid. I also made the wooden stock plate because there were 5 screws sticking out of the stock and it was uncomfortable. The wooden stock plate is super comfortable even though it was a pain to make. The type of wood used is actually particle board. I found particle board to be very strong, but easy to work with. Of course it doesn't look as nice as normal wood, but it still looks good. I might paint it eventually to match the plunger head. Overall, I like my +bow a lot more now and I am excited to use it at Apoc.

I'm afraid the new ESLT won't be finished before Apoc because my filament came really late and I just finished printing today. Right now making slugs is a priority so the ESLT will probably happen after Apoc.

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  1. Glad you enjoy the Ported Piston as much as I do! I can now die knowing I did something for the community ^^