Sunday, December 1, 2013

Pump-action rainbow

Here is my pump-action rainbow blaster. It was based off of Zorn's FAL-2 and Erfnay's ART. 
I really like looking at people's new homemade designs and I was very interested when Erfnay made his ART. The ART also reminded me of Zorn's FAL-2 on NerfHaven. They both used a plunger tube prime mechanism so I decided to try it out for myself.

- Unique plunger prime mechanism
- 6" of draw
- Nearly full compressed segment of K26
- Compact design
- U-Cup seal
- HDPE rainbow catch

Another reason that I made this blaster is because I wanted a use for my HDPE rainbow catch. Some people said it would work and some people said it would. I can tell you that both opinions on the catch are right. After firing it a couple times, the front plate of the catch cracked all over. Because the front plate has a total of 6 screws in it though, it is completely stable. This would be very bad in any other blaster, but not this one. The rainbow catch doesn't have to be taken out of this when disassembled so the catch should last.
 there are two different ways to prime this blaster. The first is to pull the plunger tube back and then push it forward. The second way is to push the handle forward and pull it back. If you kind of use both of these methods at the same time, the prime is very easy. I haven't gotten around to making a barrel the proper length for it but with a 16" barrel (that is too long) it is getting very good ranges. The seal on it sucks right now and I need to tweak it and once I do that and get a good barrel for it, I expect it to be on par with all of my other homemades. The rate of fire of it is a bit slower than other pump action blasters because of a moving barrel.

 Overall, I really like this blaster for what it is. I didn't think that I would like it, but I do. I wouldn't choose this over a double rainbow or my bullpup for a war, but that doesn't mean that I don't like it. What do you think of this blaster? What should I name it?


  1. Great job man! I'd call it FA-ART... (best I got :P)

    1. Pretty funny name. I might keep it unless there is something more... official :)