Thursday, December 26, 2013

Crossbow (this one is actually real)

I know I have a past of posting about the "crossbow". I made a lame April fools day post about how I smashed one with a hammer and I made my own "crossbow". However, this time I actually have a crossbow.

I saw it go up for a good price so I decided to get it. I have wanted a crossbow ever since I started modding a little over a year ago. I didn't want one because of its rarity, but I have always liked the way it looks. I like how the stock is built into the shell, the nice foregrip, and the hole that lets you see the plunger tube. I could go on all day about how awesome it looks.

Even though the crossbow is super awesome, it has its flaws. When I say flaws, I mean one flaw. That flaw would be the handle. The handle is too square and sometimes it starts making your hand hurt if you use it for a while. This is by no means the worst handle but it isn't the best. I don't intent on keeping this crossbow stock either. I bought it with the plans to mod it and give it a cool paintjob. When I am done with modding it, it will probably be my new favorite blaster. Hopefully I will get to modding it soon!

Update: Now that life isn't so busy and stressful I will be able to work on stuff again. This includes my crossbow and other mods and homemades. I will also be putting some homemades up for sale! I plan on making a rainbowpump (I can't decide which design) and another bullpup. If I really like the rainbowpump, I will sell my double rainbow instead. I am also officially opening up commissions. I will be making another post about commissions soon, but if you want anything just email me.

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