Monday, May 20, 2013

Restored Laser Fang

This was a fairly old project but I decided to bring it up now because I finally got my hands on some mega darts. This is my restored Laser Fang!

When I say restored, I mean the internals were broken and I had to fix them. It isn't restored to its stock form because I didn't get the wings for it and the electronics were completely broken. Other than that, this thing works great. I had to glue some stuff together and redo the seal but it wasn't hard at all. I got this in a $9 package on eBay which also included my BBBB tank used in my Stamblast and a ton of other things that I haven't used yet.

I really like the Laser Fang and in its stock firing form it works very well. I would say that it hits 30' with a mega dart. In its current state it isn't worth much but it sure is a fun blaster to have.

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