Sunday, March 3, 2013

Stampede Thing (It needs a name)

Hi guys, today I have my favorite mod that I have ever done. It is Buzz Bee Big Blast and Hornet tanks in a Stampede shell. I will give all of the details after the jump.
There is a lot in this thing so I will try to put this in a format that you will read.
List of features/mods:
- Buzz Bee big blast
- Hornet tank with blast button
- Built in hopper
- Bike pump
- Big Blast firing pin linked to stampede trigger

I hope that covered most of the things done to this. The idea for this came to me when I had a broken Stampede and a Big blast tank laying around. I decided that I wanted to incorporate the two together so I set out to make it happen. Along the way, I decided to put a hornet tank in there just for kicks. Everything eventually came together and this is what happened. I put a ton of time into this and I am very proud of it. It will be getting a cool paint job from Aukman once the weather warms up. 
That picture shows off where the Blast Button is integrated. It also shows how much of the shell I had to trim down to get everything to fit in it. 
There is one more angle of it just to show you. It is getting ranges of about 90' with the bbbb and 40-50'   with the hornet. I only pump it four times to get those ranges. I can get it up to five pumps but the blast button starts leaking air. I need to fix the tubing to it and it will be perfect. I know that the barrel looks crooked in these pictures. That is just because the homemade wye got shifted and I need to adjust it. One last thing is that I actually nested loose fitting petg in the pvc that goes into the hopper. I made it a bit longer than the pvc and it makes feeding better and it decreases dead space. It also works in rscb clips if anyone wants to try it. Well, that is all I have to say. This is my favorite mod and I hope you like it too. 


  1. You're stepping it up again Drev! Good job.

    And I say the "FlyPede"

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  3. How about the Stamblast (Drev approved!)