Sunday, August 10, 2014


I got a commission from a friend to make one of these for him, so here it is. This post won't be very long since I recently did one on an ESLT.

This ESLT is basically the same as my personal one except it is the new 1.5 version and has different colors. The 1.5 version has new 3d printed parts, but the general mechanism is the same. I'm also still using latex tubing to power it. This blaster also has a CPVC to aluminum barrel assembly, but I can't decide which one works better and the pictures I took were when I was using CPVC.

The new version of the ESLT has some improvements including a modified handle, catch, and a 3d printed redirect piece. I chose to use the redirect piece in my old one, but it wasn't publicly released on the forums yet. Overall, I think the upgrades are very nice. The handle is easier to print and it has a better shape, the catch is a little more crisp, and I don't have to use nuts to but on the handle sideplates (not sure what to call it).

Even though most of the improvements were good, there is one major problem that I don't see as an improvement. This is the draw length. On the old version of the ESLT, the draw was about 6.5". On this new version, it is 5.5" This makes a dramatic difference. I initially had a lot of trouble getting this to fire consistently. It works fine now, but it was a lot of hassle and I had to shorten the hopper. Next time I will be making a different version with 6.5" of draw but still using the new parts. The only other bad part is the barrel holder. It looks cool, but it is unnecessarily large and it makes everything harder to work with. Besides, the older version uses less plastic.

I had no foam to use on the stock so I used some of my foam that I make my darts with. Some people might think this is a waste, but I have a ton of pink so it was worth it. It makes it really comfy and it looks cool. Overall, I'm very happy with this blaster. It has a nice color scheme, is super comfy, and the only issue was the short draw length. Thanks for reading.

Now that the summer is wrapping up, I have to have everything planned out. The things that I will be making the rest of the summer are a Rainbow pistol, two +bow commissions, and a bullpup. The crossbow will have to wait.

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