Wednesday, April 30, 2014

3d Printer and Kronos Wye

I have a 3d Printer! This means that I can print parts that I need instead of making them all myself. Not only that, but I can print very complex things and things that don't even have to do with Nerf.

This printer is called the Da Vinci 1.0 and it is made by XYZ Printing. I chose this printer for a few reasons:
- Sub $1000 ($500)
- Heated build platform
- 7.8"x7.8"x7.8" build area
- Built in SD card
- LCD Display
- Works out of the box

That's right, this is a $500 3d printer that can do all of those things. This is the best deal for a 3d printer that I have ever seen. Let me tell you, this printer is worth that deal too. So far I have done about 7 prints and only 1 print has failed because it messed up slicing. The printer has great quality prints and it just works well in general.

Printing with support material
You might expect that there has to be something wrong with the printer for it to be so cheap. That would be the proprietary filament cartridges. With these cartridges, you are currently forced to print only in ABS and you end up paying an extra $10 for the filament. I honestly don't mind this because people have already found ways around this that are very easy to do. I actually plan on doing a slight modification to the printer in the future so that I can use any filament. As for only printing in ABS, XYZ is coming out with PLA in Q4 so there is nothing to worry about there.
Here are some things I have printed:
Lego 100 microns

Key Chain 200 microns

Phone Case 200 microns

Kronos Wye 200 microns

Sights 300 microns

As you can see, the printer printed very well for each of the resolutions. I expected I would have to do some calibrating, but it worked right out of the box. Overall, it is a great printer especially for the price. I'm excited to see what else I will be printing in the future.

Now on to the wye review. As many of you know, Kronos Nerf Mods from Nerfhaven and Youtube designed a 3d printable wye. He went through many iterations and this is his newest version. I decided to print it with a 200 micron resolution to see how that went and it worked perfectly. The design is very strong and PVC fits in it perfectly. I had to do some minimal sanding to make the inside smooth, but other than that it required no work. The advantages of using this wye over normal ones are:
- Shallower angle
- Less dead space
- Dart ramp
- I can make it at home!
- Can be printed in color!
I can confirm that these wyes are worth it. Slugs feed very smoothly and the best part is that IT HOPPERS DOMES! All of the domes that I have fired out of it fire flawlessly. This wye is an amazing design and if you ever have the chance to print one, I highly recommend it.

Sorry about the writeup taking so long. I have been very busy as usual. It should be up in the next week or so.


  1. Wyes are not for sale, and I'll be deligating the project and making it open source because I can't get them to work myself.

    1. Good to know. I'll update the post. What do you mean you can't get them to work? Mine works perfectly.

  2. Bringing out the big guns! I may have to invest in the ABS model when it comes out--endless possibilities :D