Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Reverse-inverse Bullpup

IT IS THE FLY NERF 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A year ago I started this blog and I had no idea that I would be making homemades of my own design. Heck, a year ago I was modifying Mavericks!

Onto the blaster, bullpups have always interested me, but I don't like the way that some of them work. They usually require a weird plunger rod setup and stuff like that. However, I was very interested when Makeitgo made his Reverse-Inverse (I'm keeping my blog clean and not saying the name) bullpup blaster. The problem was that I didn't have enough skill to build something like that when I first saw it. Over the past couple months, I read the writeup multiple times and looked over andtheherois's PVC version. I developed a strong grasp on the mechanism it used and I realized that their blasters were overly complicated.

I used the Paint program on my computer to plan out a blaster and I eventually made  a design. This is how it turned out:

It was the most difficult blaster that I have made because I made the measurements and design all by myself. Of course I had MIG and andtheherois's blasters for reference, but they can only help so much.
Parts and Features
- Pump action with close to 7" of draw!
- Bullpup
- HAMP-able
- Heavily modified 1" rainbow catch
- K26
- U-Cup seal
- Omni-directional catch with PETG plunger sheath
- 27.5" long
- Custom trigger

When the blaster is de-primed, it is 27.5" long. My original goal was to make it shorter, but I messed up with some measurements and it became longer. That is ok because I plan on making another version. 27.5" long with the barrel is still very good though because a double rainbow with a barrel is 40.5" long.

Here is the trigger that I made for it. It is nothing special and it does its job very well. This activates the 1" diameter rainbow catch that was a pain to make. It was very hard to make the catch actually function while still making it fit in the 1" PVC and making it be able to slide. My only complaint about this blaster is that you can't de-prime it. You have to plug the barrel and slide the slide all the way forward for it to "de-prime"
As you can see, the compression on the spring is almost perfect because it isn't full but it almost is. I want to say that you can only use a U-Cup or a skirt seal for this blaster design. This is because The plunger head gets pushed against the front bushing in order to prime. The polycarbonate disc in from of the u-cup is what keeps the plunger head in tact. A normal washer seal will not work! I tried two different variations and both broke.
The pump grip flops around but it is very stable.
Overall, this is a great blaster. It is surprisingly outranging every other homemade that I have including my double rainbow and +bow. I don't really know why this is because it has more dead space but you don't see me complaining. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that it has a near perfect seal! I'm probably forgetting to say something about this and I will add something if I realize I forgot it.

Tell me what you think of this! Do you want a writeup? What should I name it?


  1. It's shmexy but I think double rainbows are more shmexy.

    1. Yeah, me too. This is only version 1 of it though. I plan on making a nicer looking one soon that might have a writeup. The writeup will probably be entered in the NerfHaven contest. Even though this looks worse than a double rainbow, I like the way it functions much better.

  2. So dope! I'll have to make one of these.