Thursday, October 3, 2013

HDPE Rainbow Catch

I've had a ton of school work recently, but I had some spare time and I made this rainbow catch.

It is made of a HDPE cutting board that my family was done using. This catch was made as an experiment more than for anything useful. I honestly didn't think that HDPE would be able to make a stable catch, but it has proved me wrong. I tested the catch with my RB catch tester and it was very strong. I haven't used it in a blaster yet even though I expect it to work very well with a K26. 

The whole catch was cut with a scroll saw other that the circular hole which was cut with a drill. I was very surprised that this material was harder to cut than polycarbonate because it is a much softer plastic. When I say it is harder to cut, I just mean it takes longer to cut. Don't let that discourage you from trying to use this material as a catch because it is much cheaper and more accessible than polycarbonate. However, if you make a catch out of this and it breaks in a blaster, don't blame me. I plan on using this catch as soon as I can and I will make a post about how it holds up. Leave your opinions on this catch in the comments!

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  1. HDPE is more waxy than Polycarbonate and requires a low TPI and speed setting. It probably gummed up your scroll saw blade a bit.