Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Extreme Air Max 1 Review

The Buzz Bee Panther was an extremely popular blaster in the NIC and it still is. The problem is that most stores never carried them. There is an even bigger problem now because the Panther seems to be discontinued. I couldn't find the Panther at Walmart, Target, or even ToysRUs. All of them are the Air Max one. I'm not saying that you still can't find a Panther at one of those stores, but Buzz Bee is moving towards the Air Max one.

What is wrong with the Air Max 1? Here is the list of the changes:
- Tank reduced to half the size (about the size of a hornet tank)
- Pump shaft is smaller
- Relocated Over Pressure Release valve
You may think that these features don't matter if you don't plan on modding this blaster, let me tell you, they do. Because of these changes, the stock range of this blaster is about 20' less than a Panther. Most Panthers got around 45' flat and I measured this to get about 25' flat. 25' flat might might not seem bad because most nerf pistols before the Elite line got that range. The problem is that the rate of fire is slowed dramatically. It takes 3 pumps to fill the tank and shoot, when in that time you could have probably fired all 6 darts out of a Maverick. Are there any reasons to buy this blaster?

As you can see above, there is an extreme Buzz Bee dart. These darts are the best foam darts that you can buy. The foam is super dense and rigid making the darts super durable. Not only that, but they are way more accurate than Elite Darts. With the Air Max 1, you get 6 of these darts. The blaster costs $5 at most stores so you are basically getting 6 amazing darts and a mediocre pistol for that price.

Should you buy the Air Max 1? I say you shouldn't. The range and rate of fire on it are pretty bad and the only good part is the darts. Now when I say you shouldn't buy it, I was talking specifically to people who don't plan on modding. If you are planning on modding it, I would definitely try it out. The air tank may be half the size, but it still has potential. Expect to see a mod guide soon.


  1. These blasters have no oprv i modded mine with a 6 inch petg barrel and im only getting ranges of 60ft. I would not recommend buying this for modification its modification ability is very low. I even asked mig and he said that's the max range you can get out of it.

    1. Mine actually did have an OPRV. I am getting the same ranges with my modded one as my RBpistol, so it is definitely worth buying it to mod. I am using a 5" cpvc barrel to get these ranges.