Monday, July 29, 2013


I finished this about three days ago and I kept forgetting to post it. This is obviously my +bow.

There are going to be a lot of pictures and words, so I am breaking the page.

I have to admit it, the reason that I bought a scroll saw was to make a +bow. It wasn't to make a RBpistol or even cut parts, it was to make a +bow. Ever since I started modding, I have thought that +bows are the coolest home mades ever. +bows look so advanced and professional even when they are made poorly making them super awesome. When I started modding, I never thought that I would build a +bow (especially one year after I started). It turns out that I did build a +bow and let me tell you, it is my favorite thing that I have ever made.

The pictures didn't turn out very well, but I think I have enough of them to show all of the parts. Before I show more pictures, here is a list of the features and parts or the blaster:
- 3/16" side plates (better and thicker than 1/8")
- Wooden handle
-White nylon rods
- Circular plunger rod with three notches
- Skirt seal
- Rubber band attached to trigger

Using a wooden handle on a +bow is a very good idea. It doesn't cut into your hand like polycarbonate and it looks nicer. My handle is still not rounded because that takes a long time to do and dremeling the edges will suffice for a while. All of the plastic that touches my hands was dremeled with a sanding drum so it doesn't hurt. The rubber band on the trigger is also a very nice edition because it makes the trigger have a better feel.

The pull back is pretty self explanatory but I dremeled the edges of the piece that I pull because it was hurting.

The stock piece is cut very well and is made of 3/16" polycarbonate to make it stronger.

The bushing is really the only bad part about the blaster. I originally had it taped in very tightly with packing tape, but the packing tape started tearing so I had to goop it in. Even if you goop in the bushing, you can still take the blaster apart. I also had to drill a larger hole than normal for the long screw to make the screw go to the other side. This caused a massive air leak and I fixed it a little bit with goop. The blaster still has a very mediocre seal, but I can't do anything about it. It is my first +bow and I did pretty well with everything other than that.

I didn't go with single side plates because my piece of polycarbonate wasn't big enough to fit them. I even tried positioning the templates diagonally and they didn't fit. I also chose to go with a non-sanded look because the clear plastic goes very well with the color of the handle and the nylon rods. Everyone I have showed the blaster to agrees with me on that. I used a circular plunger rod because there are no problems with it rotating due to the pull-back design. Cutting three notches in the rod was also kind of cool but it really has no point because people use hoppers now.

Overall, this +bow is the best thing I have ever made and I have enough parts to make another. I might end up making a pumpbow or papbow someday too. I'm going to end up owning a lot of +bows because I can't sell them, but who cares? +BOWS ARE DA BOMB!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hold up here! WHAT?????????? O_O

    Epic. Just epic. Think I could make one? Great job

  2. Thanks! Even though they are different catches, I would start off with making a rainbow just so you can use polycarbonate and a plunger rod with notches. If you can do that, you will definitely be able to make a +bow. Making a +bow just requires patience and being very careful.

  3. Damn that is sweet! Hopefully I'll be making one soon--I always thought they were a work of art as well.