Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pistol Splat and Raider Shotgun paint

Oh school... taking up my life. I'm not able to do many mods right now because of school but here are two that I have had around for a while. first up, is my Supa Splat (also known as a pistol splat). Before I talk about the mod, I want to talk about this model of blaster because it confused me. (Skip over this grey text if you already know about this). The basic shell and priming mechanism of this blaster are very popular among companies and the NIC. Many different companies have taken the shell and internals and made their own versions of it. There are many different colors and different things that it shoots. Companies have made it shoot chalk darts, paintballs, and darts. These different blasters also have varying spring strengths. My specific one is the second strongest spring. Even if you see one of these in a store and it is a different color, just buy it. These things are awesome!
- Shell minimization
- Useless internals removed
- Epoxied cpvc coupler.
Yeah, I didn't do many more mods to this just because I didn't have to. This blaster is amazing with only a cpvc coupler. I am using a barrel that is about 2 inches too long and it is still beating my Nitefinder! GET THIS BLASTER IF YOU SEE IT.

 Next up, is the painted raider shotgun grip. All that I did was paint the grip silver because, who want a yellow shotgun grip?

I hope you liked these mods! Tell me what you think about pistol splats in the comments!

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