Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Awesome Big Bad BOw

Hi guys, I just finished my Avengers BBB.
I got the Avengers version because I like the purple color better than yellow. I can always sand off the Avengers logo. I added a stampede spring to it so it is more powerful. I found that a stampede spring is better in the BBB than a nf spring. This is because the stampede spring is longer. I changed the barrel to cpvc and removed the dead space with hot glue. I didn't glue any specific couplers to it and it works fine for me. It has an almost perfect seal too. I made an RSCB clip for it and it can hold 4 streamlines or  
8 of my stefans (which are about half the size of streamlines). I plan on testing the ranges very soon. It is really awesome.


  1. Glad people are using my RSCB design. :)

    Also, why do you still have the "bow arms" on?

    Good job, Drev!

  2. Thanks iMod! I really like the RSCB design. I know that the bow arms aren't practical but I just put them on for show. I will take them off when I actually use it.